Saturday, April 20, 2019

'Untitled,' 2019 (Egg Bound)

'Untitled,' 2019 (Egg Bound)
Wood, Polymer clay, thread, goose egg, birds foot, sinew.
Base is made of Jesomite 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Bourkes Parakeet, 'Poor Little Dead Thing,' Photographic Series


Came home to find one of my little Bourke parakeets had suddenly passed away. A beautiful little bird, which I did my best to make use of and photograph. I still can't bear to dispose of her body and she is still wrapped up in my fridge. Wish I knew a bit of taxidermy or was about to make a cast of her little body. Seems such a waste. Only had her for a short time, but she was sweet.
Photos aren't great, not happy with the quality of my camera these days, don't know why it seems so poor. Any way a bit different from my usual dead wild birds that meet their end via the cats or window!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

'Untitled,' (Wood Nymph), 2018

'Untitled,' (Wood Nymph), 2018, mixed-media
wood, gold-leaf, polymer clay
Height 18 x width (including base) 9 cm

left and right view


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Friday, December 28, 2018

Untitled, 2018

Untitled, 2018, Mixed-media
(wood, polymer clay, gold leaf)

Finding it impossible to take photos of my work which does them any form of justice. very frustrating!

Monday, December 10, 2018

The eyes

Testing a crap lino block onto a scrap bit of news paper turned into something I enjoy looking at visually. Been sitting in my studio, went at it with a white pencil, I think I still like it.
The eyes have it, past, present, future.

'Women,' digital print, 2018

'Women,' 2018, Digital Print

Women! God wants you, but the Devil NEEDS you! what power you have!

Amazing the stuff you come up with when you can't sleep! Digital collage. Image is from a times magazine cover I saved, probably of a very important painting. Was hoping to make this into a photo etching but black and white just doesn't work for this. Perhaps a screen print? but alas I do not know enough about the subject. will have to stick to the lazy digital print, which means it will forever be stuck as a jpeg on my computer! *le sigh*

Monday, December 3, 2018

Daphne, 2015-2018, refreshed

Cleaning up my studio yesterday I became distracted when I pulled this old piece out of a box. Its lived all its life in a cardboard box, (not unusual when it comes to my odd sculptures), so felt it was in need of a bit of loving. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this piece, it is now hanging in my studio.
I polished up the outer wood with beeswax and sealed the wood on the inside. The photo has had more gold leaf added as well as butterfly wings and has been raised back from the wood, instead of being pressed against the opening.
To read about the piece in previous post please go **here**