Thursday, March 8, 2018

International Womans Day

A little piece I knocked up quickly while waiting for clay to drain honour of National Woman's Day.
You may have noticed from previous works that I have a fascination with hair, feral woman, and Lilith, this has shown itself again here.
Two part piece, Pencil and Gouache drawing on tracing paper over a vintage photo.
The writing on the cloth in hand says,
' I wasn't taken seriously in neither trousers or dress; so I scared them by taking power with my breasts. Throwing out my razor, keeping them at bay, by letting my body hair cover my flesh.'

'The Last Arabesque of the Red Robin'

'The Last Arabesque of the Red Robin,'

Thursday, February 15, 2018

'Untitled,' Sacré Féminin Series

'Untitled,' (Sacré Féminin)
Wood, Pit-fired clay, gold leaf, glass, and wire.
The wood has been finished with bees wax

 I am not to sure about this piece. I have been working away on it slowly for a while now. The wood has been sitting in the studio for a number of weeks after I rescued it from the wood shed. I just followed my instinct with this and did what felt right. Really what I do when I make most of these funny little pieces, working with the wood, and whatever is in reach in the studio, a natural meditative process without thought or need of a deep meaning or explanation as to why I am making it.
 Hopefully one day these funny little objects will be appreciated by the world while I am still around to see it.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


I made a broach from a nice bit of wood I found and a ceramic face. I dyed the wood black with ink, scraping back some of the wood to expose the lighter wood underneath. 
While trying to find a bead or something to give it a little umph I came across a dead ladybird in my bead box. So she now adorns the broach, covered in a protective coating to harden her up and hopefully last longer. The bead hanging at the bottom is actually an old button I nicked from either my dads or my granny Berties button jar. It sits nicely on my comfy Louise Bourgeois Coat.

Detail of lady bird and button.

 Detail of broach on my lovely pink LB coat.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Bit of Wearable Art

I had this beautiful piece of wood that just wasn't suitable for sculpting and was just to nice to cast aside, so I let it sit awhile on my desk, admiring it's knots and curves until I figured out what to do.
I turned it into a necklace, a wearable sculpture so to speak. 
I polished the branch with bees wax, attaching one of my little faces made from polymer clay with wire. The feathers are from my vast collection I  have been given over the years, the chain is recycled, attached with wire wrapped around the branch. 
All very simply done, no bells or whistles, a lovely balance between materials. Maybe I will wear it to my next exhibition! I tried to take a selfie of myself wearing it, but it is terrible, at least you can see wear it sits on the body.
I do not think I will go down the jewellery route, just something to play with, have also been working on a broach I need to finish. Nice to do something different.
*A note: The seed for this piece was planted from a necklace that my Step-mother gave me that belonged to her Father. I adore it and is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. Its made up of chunky clay beads strung on leather, the centre piece is a face with another face morphing into the bottom of it. Very Surreal, very beautiful, and very comfortable.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sketching Thoughts on Plates

I have been wanting to push my text work to a new level for some time now, but have been unsure how to do it. Wether this is the way to go or not I am not sure. I think it is just another surface to work on. I pick the plates up in the charity shops for peanuts, this one is plain but some I have acquired are very feminine with painted flowers; I look forward to using them.
I have used an inkjet waterslide ceramic transfer and a ceramic maker to create the image. The waterslide image of the sea was originally supposed to be used for something else which failed so instead of waisting it, I quickly put it on the plate.
It is a simple piece, no bells or whistles, no glamour. Just some thoughts written down on a plate to accompany an image that needed a purpose.
(There are typos on the plate, good ol' dyslexia saying hi!)