Tuesday, September 5, 2017

New Sculptor- 'Untitled,' (Flower Lady)

'Untitled,' 2017, 6 x 2.5 inches (approx.)
Mixed-media on wood
 For the past week or so I have been working on this little piece. I was house/pet sitting for an artist friend who is an avid beach comber, so I nicked (with permission) some of her beach wood finds.
This original piece of drift wood, which is just cheap compressed wood, had the remains of lovely blue paint on the surface. I was hoping to have this coming through the photograph but unfortunately it didn't work very well; you can see some of the blue tone ghosting through the white petals of the flowers if you look closely. There are layers of photos and mode-podge to try and build up the image so it is visible, some of it was sanded down again. I am sure there is a better more effective technique of transferring photos to wood, but I have yet to come across it. A woman in the gallery today thought the surface was made of stone because of the texture and shine off the piece. It is very satisfying to see the effect the work has on people, they have been drawn to the work in the most positive way.
There was already a slight hollow in the wood which I carved out and placed one of my little pit-fired ceramic faces. I then wrapped it in wire hiding any gaps and giving it a more spiritual element. The little face has a damaged eye, I like this, it reminds me of the little petals of a flower that have been ripped and eaten away in patches by the caterpillars, snails and other bug life that lives amongst the plants.
This is a hanging piece.