Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Katie Eleanor

The dreamy photos of Katie Eleanor.

'Sky birthed a fawn from her womb, a skin of speckles, and ribs of petals, twisted tales fawn spoke to the moon, and left dear mama lying in nettles.'

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Featured on Slow Art Day

A few weeks ago I entered one of my pieces for Slow Art Day's  Facebook Friday. They very kindly featured my work on their site. I just found out today! Woot! Its a start anyway. On their Facebook page they said, Emily Robards enchants with her textile work "Only in Fairytales." 
Thank you Slow Art Day! I'm so chuffed!

On their web-site

Their Facebook page.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Veterinary Notebooks

I have some of my grandpas old veterinary notebooks from college, I have been dying to use them for the longest time and finally I have been able to for this project.
I printed my photos onto acetate and stuck them onto various pages. I hope to fill the notebooks with photos eventually.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Francesca Woodman's Notebook

Here are some images of Francesca Woodman's notebook, 'Some Disordered Interior Geometries.' I love how on some of the pages the text can be seen through the image. I am not sure what process she used to get the image on the acetate, I have been told of a few, but it would be more practical nowadays to use a digital printer to print ones image on acetate, I sapose…

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stanislav Ginzburg

 Stanislav Ginzburg is a Russian-born artist. He uses 3D computer-modeling technology to create stunningly beautiful sculptures and then incorporates them into photographs.
From the artist’s statement:
Ginzburg explores the universality of biological form by combining photographic plates and computer generated three-dimensional imagery to create ethereal sculptures. These works delicately interweave insect morphology that resembles blossoming flora with anatomical elements and bits of veiled autobiography. They remind the viewer of the cellular and the metaphysical connections between all living things.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Poetry

Don't forget to keep checking my Black-Out Poetry Blog. Its updated often and there are lots of new posts. It now has eighty followers and counting!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Little Terrier

Another etching I did from a found image of a little terrier. The plate is very small about 2x2 inches.

Etching 2x2 imches

Sketchbook pages

Kristen Zellmer

Some interesting still lifes by Kristen Zellmer.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Canine Etchings

Some of the first prints of the year. These prints are based on photos I got from magazines.

Sketchbook pages with magazine photo and drawing.

Sketchbook page

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

3 x Lucky

I have found three four leaf clovers over the past couple of weeks. I'm taking this as a good sign!

Roger Ballen Exhibition

Last Saturday I went down to Cobh, to the Sirius Arts Centre for a talk on the photography of Roger Ballen and to see his exhibition. I have fallen in love with his photography and only came across it after reading a review for a music video (below) he directed for the song called 'I Fink U Freeky' by Die Antwoord. Roger Ballen is a black and white photographer, who uses analogue.
Roger Ballen is American but lives and works in South Africa. After a lot of traveling he arrived in South Africa in the 1970's during the apartheid. He photographs people in a South African town who lie on the fringe of society, are not part of the norm and who live alongside animals in a society were there is no hierarchy between beast or man. His earlier work nearly always features people, but in his newer works people are featured less and less, their presence is sometimes only seen as a hand or mouth peeking through a hole in the wall. His newer works focuses more on the natural lines on the walls, and the inside of the rooms were these people live. His work nearly always features the animals and birds that live alongside the people in the town.
Roger Ballen's photos are a psychological journey into the lives of his subjects and into the inner world of the photographer himself.
Outside the Sirius Art Center and the view from the first room in the gallery.

Peggy Sue Amison giving her talk on Roger Ballen

A seaside view of Cobh

Some of his photos that I saw at the Sirius Arts Centre:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Venice, Italy

So I have been really behind with updating the ol' blog. Fourth year is well and truly under way and it is already very busy, as busy as one would expect at the end of the year let alone the beginning. What it's going to be like at the end I dread to think.
At the beginning of the college year I went on a college trip to the Venice Biennale. It was an experience and a real marathon. We stayed in Venice from Monday till early Friday. I saw more art in two days than I have probably seen in my entire life. There was very little there that I did not like. It was held in two main venues, the Biennale and the Aresenale, plus a lot of smaller venues representing various countries which were dotted around Venice. It is the Olympics of the art world, well worth a visit. Just allow your self two days for each of the main venues. I would love to have had time to go back and see it again. I was determined to see it all so went through it as quick as I could, while taking as much time as I could over each exhibit.
The theme of this years Biennale was the museum of everything. It featured a lot of outsider artists, which were exhibited alongside more mainstream contemporary works.  I won't bore you with lots of photos of artwork and such, instead here are some photos I took while walking around Venice, a beautiful city.