Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Venice, Italy

So I have been really behind with updating the ol' blog. Fourth year is well and truly under way and it is already very busy, as busy as one would expect at the end of the year let alone the beginning. What it's going to be like at the end I dread to think.
At the beginning of the college year I went on a college trip to the Venice Biennale. It was an experience and a real marathon. We stayed in Venice from Monday till early Friday. I saw more art in two days than I have probably seen in my entire life. There was very little there that I did not like. It was held in two main venues, the Biennale and the Aresenale, plus a lot of smaller venues representing various countries which were dotted around Venice. It is the Olympics of the art world, well worth a visit. Just allow your self two days for each of the main venues. I would love to have had time to go back and see it again. I was determined to see it all so went through it as quick as I could, while taking as much time as I could over each exhibit.
The theme of this years Biennale was the museum of everything. It featured a lot of outsider artists, which were exhibited alongside more mainstream contemporary works.  I won't bore you with lots of photos of artwork and such, instead here are some photos I took while walking around Venice, a beautiful city.

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