Thursday, January 31, 2013

Travelers Tombs

This is a very small cushion about the size of my fist, maybe a bit bigger.
The writing is based on a dream I had awhile ago. Its not meant to offend anyone.
In my dream I was at the grave sites of traveler families. They had been so lovingly decorated. They are thess big beautiful monuments to those who have died. Nobody does it better.

Yellow dress cushion

 I am a bit late posting these, but I finally made a pillow out of the yellow dress doily. I used a round format and found really nice blue material for the back half.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jen Davis

 I came across a photo of hers in the telegraph magazine a while back, I kept the image because I liked it, but I didn't know anything about her until I came across her work via the wonderful Art Hound.
Her self-portraits are brave and wonderful.

Jen Davis is a Brooklyn based photographer. For the past ten years she has been working
on a series of Self-Portrait’s dealing with issues regarding beauty, identity, and body image.
She has also been exploring men, as a subject and is interested in investigating the idea
of relationships, both physical and psychological, with the camera. She received her MFA
from Yale University in 2008, and her BA from Columbia College Chicago in 2002.
Jen is represented by Lee Marks Fine Art.

Untitled No. 39. 2010
Chromogenic Print
20x24 inches

Chapped Legs. 2007
Chromogenic Print
24x20 inches
Steve and I. 2006
Chromogenic Print
20x24 inches

Kyung Soo Kim

Kyung Soo Kim celebrates and re-imagines the traditional Korean costume, Hanbok, in his series Full Moon Story for Vogue Korea.

Sabine Timm

The Wonderfully pocket sized world of Sabine Timm. The top photo is my favorite, I just added the other one so you could see more of her work.

Not Under my Roof

I found this wonderful installation piece via the website Art Hound.
'Not Under My Roof is a site-specific installation by Claire Healy and Sean Condiero constructed from the flooring of an old farmhouse. It’s a very disorienting piece of art. It is literally a slice of a free-standing building brought into another building and attached to the wall. It subverts our sense of place and scale and makes a strong statement about the home as a place of memories vs. a physical dwelling.'

Monday, January 7, 2013

Assesment Year 3

So its that time of year again. Assessment time. Above are photos of my area all set up and ready to go. All together it looks like some pessimistic nursery. I never seem to be able to stop myself from making my work look so cutesy. There are various sewn pieces hanging on the wall, as well as my Diana f+ photos, more cushions, some etchings, two piles of newspaper poetry, the other half are in slide version. Unfortunately I didn't have a slide projector handy so they are staying in their boxes, I'm not sure if I like that idea anymore anyway.
The work now is really more a visual narrative inspired by, dreams, memory, borrowed text, est... Pictures and text, what more can I say?


I hope that anyone who is familiar with facebook will realize what this piece is. I was hoping it would look like the Facebook sign-in page, which has a blue bar at the top. I thought there was one at the bottom, but there isn't. Unfortunately the bottom bar has been sewn on crooked, I may fix that later.
There have been a lot of articles and discussions on facebook and loneliness. That even tho we are using a 'social' network, we are lonelier than ever. The image below is basically the sing in page for facebook, so you get an idea, if you don't know already.