Thursday, April 7, 2011

A little Grey

Some self portraits inspired by Marlene Dumas.
I was really happy with how the top one came out exactly how I had in my head. It looks almost 3D. I want to try and work more with the dripping effect. I like how the face is melting. The newspaper collage came out alot lighter than I originally planned. I wanted it to be mostly text and less colour. But I guess I still had my original flower ideas in the back of my head. It works well though, this dark gloomy face surrounded by a world that is slightly camouflaged by bright colours and nice words...
The 2nd painting I did of myself didn't come out so well. I suppose that's to be expected when your working late at night and when the light is fading. There  is almost to much information. I would of liked it to be alot flatter, with more block colours, alot like Marlene Dumas portraits. I might try that again..

Death of the Author

The portrait above is one of my favorites, its so simple. This one as well as 'Dead Marylin' below, were very influential for the two above.

Dead Marylin
Intimate Relations

Id like to also do something similar to how Marlene did the two portraits above. I think it could be very interesting.

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