Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Print, Semester 1, Year 1

There are two projects this semester, we had to choose one at random from a 'hat',(pile of folded paper). I choose project #2. The title of the project is;

 'Spaces, Structures, Systems; Abstraction and Figuration, Help Build New Worlds.'

After various mind maps, I focused on 'Spaces,' and the words I related with this word.
 So I am working with empty space, which led to 'loneliness', which led to 'depression,' and the 'human mind.' The idea of being lost in your head and caught up with emotion.
I wasn't really sure if my drawings would be sufficient, but after talking with my tutor this morning, I feel somewhat more confident with what I am doing.
So we shall See how it goes.
Below are some of my sketchbook work that I started with...

This was the first image I did, I was working along the same idea, but was focusing more on dreams and insomnia, but that is an idea I would like to work on when I have more time.

Stirring up a mindful of hornets

I like the idea of using the hornets nest to represent the mind, and all the thoughts buzzing around, going crazy.

I am much happier with the two above images. I simplified the swarm of thoughts into scribbles, instead of actual wasps.
I will use this two images first.

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