Wednesday, November 21, 2012

'Line Drawing' of a Dog

'Line Drawing of a Dog'
'Line drawing of a dog', is actually a sewn piece. I still consider it a drawing, it is just drawn with thread rather than lead. I wanted it to look like a pen drawing. But becuase it is scanned in you can tell its sewn, but in real life it does give the effect of a pen drawing when you step back.
This is based on an earlier drawing I did last year. I tried to do an etching of it which failed, and recently did a dry-point (below), but it was also a failure, as the lines are not neat enough and it looks a smudgy mess.
I am hoping to put this piece in a group exhibition which is happing the 8th of December. I will post more about that and details of the work later on, when I am more organised....

Failed dry point.
The scanner makes it look even worse!

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  1. Why don't you sew into acetate and print from that - something I've been thinking of for a wee while ...