Monday, December 10, 2012

Adare exhibition, After..



The Poetry In-between series hung and ready to go with a box of 24 unframed originals, mounted and wrapped.

All framed, hung and ready to go.

Business cards

Agnus from the Driocht gallery in Adare very kindly opened it for us.

My favorite piece in the show, priced at 50 euro, by Kieth Hurley, who is in 3rd year visual communications (graphics).
This piece was done using photoshop and illustrator on the computer. If I had made a bit of money at the show I would have definitely bought it. Maybe I can do a deal with him....

There was alot more than this....

Unfortunately the show was not as successful as last year. I believe there were only four pieces sold by two artists.
So unfortunately not a lot of money was raised.
There was a decent turn out, but not as many as expected. Very few people were really looking at the art mostly they were there for the chat and the drink.
So what are you going to do, it was disappointing for everyone, alot of work and effort was put into this how, but It is an experience that we will take with us.
The group shot

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