Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mark Peckmezian

The charming dog portraits by Mark Peckmezian;

Mark Peckmezian's elegant and ageless images within a snapshot aesthetic predominantly focus on portraiture. He has a bold confidence in his own style developed from experimenting in his darkroom, and is driven by a compulsion to make valid and authentic work.  His personal work treats analogue images as photo-objects, playing with the refinements in context and meaning implied by printing choices – adding borders, ripping edges, showing test strips and creases, folds and dust. Mark is influenced by vernacular photography and spontaneous portraiture, drawn to the beauty in the pensive moment, elusive emotional states and sometimes humorous. His art practice gives a depth and substance to the rigours of effective commercial, editorial image-making and he enjoys the dialogue between the two.
Peckmezian's dog portraits are hopelessly sweet. Peckmazian's canines have been selected to represent a broad range of breeds – some large (a giant Great Dane), others small (a panting Pug). Aptly the characteristically experimental analogue photographer also bestows each portrait with its own format, printing technique and layout, further accentuating each dog's individual personality. From a delighted-looking Golden Retriever in a series of monochrome mug shots to an Alsatian in shades oozing cool in a colour close-up.

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