Monday, November 4, 2013

Myeongbeom Kim

Myeongbeom Kim creates surrela dream like scupltures inspired by nature and the everyday. He is one of those artists who instead of giving a big explanation about his work prefers it if the viewer takes away their own interpetation or meaning. I did manage to find an artist statement tho.

'My working concept is the story about the origin of our world. I think that all things have their own soul. For example, trees, rocks, water, soil and air have their own soul and life. When I see a rock in forest I think that it has its own reason for being. Through my art works I want to express that the origin of our world is nature and all things which we use are valuable. Especially I like to make my works with trees, animals, and water, and new images using daily stuffs. I always want to go back to nature from this mechanical world. However, I know it is impossible for even me, who is accustomed to this mechanical world, to return to nature. So, I would like to start showing how mother nature is great to others who cannot see it.
My concern about nature was expressed by setting a traffic signal light, a fish bowl, and a manhole cover, that are creatures of civilization, on the sea. This unexpected combination made it possible to create new time, space, and story.
By bringing the existence of nature into relief, I tried to make the audience to think themselves as aliens, who came from the external world, has to have an emergency landing on the earth.

In addition, I have still doing works with wood, animals, water, books, cars and daily objects which reflect human beings. Through my works I will talk about the origin of the world and the reason for being.'


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