Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Photo Alliance Fauna Competition

Great news! My work was selected out of two thousand entries by the photographer William Wegman in conjunction with Photo Alliance.
 Fifty of us will have our photos exhibited  at the Smith Anderson North Gallery in San Francisco.
The exhibition is entitled Fauna, we had to submit up to five photos that corresponded to the below statement; 

'Wild or domesticated, we share the world with animals. For some, as a source of inspiration, delight or companionship and for others as something else entirely.
Whatever the connection, a broad range of interpretations in photography is invited for entry, including documentary, expressive or experimental. Submissions may be depicted in any style and represent any species, whether real or of the imagination.'
My photo that was selected was 'Little Brother,' from the series, 'Little Brothers and Sister.'
I am delighted by this news and hope it will be one of many international exhibitions and a great start to a successful artistic career. It is a great honour to be chosen and I hope my photo is received well.
Right now I am in the process of getting it printed and framed so It will arrive in time to be hung. Unfortunately the turn over from acceptance letter to exhibition hanging is very small so I was unable to have the photo processed in its true form via the darkroom, so instead it will be printed digitally. I am sure this will be just as acceptable.
I look forward to sharing updates on this exhibit which will be on view at Smith Andersen North in San Anselmo, California from October 25th thru November 21st 2014. Selected works will be posted on the PhotoAlliance website and a ‘Best of Show’ winner will be awarded a full scholarship to the 2015 PhotoAlliance Our World Portfolio Review.
All proceeds from this juried show will go to support PhotoAlliance. PhotoAlliance is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to supporting the understanding, appreciation and creation of contemporary photography
Keep an eye on my blog for further updates and please see the Photo Alliance website for updates and more information as well by clicking here.
'Little Brother'

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