Saturday, April 15, 2017

Porcelain Masterclass with Ursula Burke

Today I took part in a porcelain slip casting class with artist Ursula Burke. An enjoyable day of making funny little objects from the various casts of everyday items provided for the class. This is a process I would definitely like to pursue; I have done some basic casting in college for my degree show, but I was hoping we would learn to make or own casts today but perhaps on a later date there will be another class, or most likely I will have to do some serious googling on how to do it myself.
Hopefully there will be more classes of this calibre in Limerick, a great way for artists to meet up and get out of their rut. Some photos from today are below. Hopefully in the next week or two I will have the finished pieces fired and ready to go. I can't wait to see what the black porcelain looks like.
 As per usual my pieces are rough and messy.

The mystery old, black porcelain slip and the various tools.

My lovely little ol' mould full of slip

A bar of soap. My mystery mould was a bar of soap... I moved on.

Ursula Burke demonstrating, and everyone else pouring the slip into the moulds.

Next mould, a heart, a bit more interesting..

My two finished pieces. Unfortuently the moulds started to disintegrate so I couldn't add more to the piece on the left, i was thinking an orange or a lemon..

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