Thursday, June 15, 2017

New work/Kicking the bucket again exhibition

So over the past few month I have been attending meetings every two weeks as part of the Kicking the Bucket program sponsored by Milford Hospice.
Although the meetings are surrounded by the topic of death, dying and all the shite that goes with that, the whole experience was most enjoyable. I loved meeting up with a lovely group of people, having discussions and doing arty party activities.
The result of our group meetings was an exhibition based on the topics discussed. The group Kicking the Bucket and the exhibition was organised and founded by Katie Verling and Sinead Dinneen, two lovely ladies who have had been through the loop themselves.
The exhibition was held in Limerick City Gallery of Art, a great opportunity and honour as an artist. Artists and non-artists putting their heart and soul into a small body of work to be exhibited for ten days at LCGA for the public to view.
The whole process has been very satisfactory, below are photos of the new work I created for the exhibition, plus photos from the opening night.

Artists Statement

Reliquaries for the Soul, (small sculptures/vessels)

Vessel 1, Clay, wire, broken mirror, paint

Vessel 2, Clay, broken mirror, sinew, thread, gold paint

Vessel 3, Clay, thread, gold leaf, and gold paint

Vessel 4, gold leaf, egg shell, clay, burnt wood

Print Installation

Gold Mono-prints with embossed text

The whole installation with embossed text alternating from 'Soul' to 'Heaven' with an original black-out poem of mine embossed on the centre page.

'Sometimes my Soul Feels Heavenly Bound' Original black-out poem

Some print variables for sale as well. Contact me for more info.

I also had some older work on display, Changeling and two photos with text

Installation shots of my work in Limerick City Gallery

My grandparents came to the opening

Some photos of the work by various participants of the group, some with an art background, some without

Artist Clea Van der Grin opening the exhibition, her work was also showing alongside ours in the main gallery.

Senator Marie-Louise O'Donnell speaking at the opening about the exhibition and the release of there book, infinite Lives.

This lady sung at the opening with a newly invented instrument called 'The Merlin'


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