Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sketching Thoughts on Plates

I have been wanting to push my text work to a new level for some time now, but have been unsure how to do it. Wether this is the way to go or not I am not sure. I think it is just another surface to work on. I pick the plates up in the charity shops for peanuts, this one is plain but some I have acquired are very feminine with painted flowers; I look forward to using them.
I have used an inkjet waterslide ceramic transfer and a ceramic maker to create the image. The waterslide image of the sea was originally supposed to be used for something else which failed so instead of waisting it, I quickly put it on the plate.
It is a simple piece, no bells or whistles, no glamour. Just some thoughts written down on a plate to accompany an image that needed a purpose.
(There are typos on the plate, good ol' dyslexia saying hi!)

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