Friday, December 17, 2010

Studio Space

The sign on my studio door warns, "Beware of Flying Brushes."
-Earl Grenville Kileen


"Studio Ghosts: When you're in the studio painting, there are a lot of people in there with you - your teachers, friends, painters from history, critics... and one by one if you're really painting, they walk out. And if you're really painting YOU walk out."
-Philip Guston

" You need a room with no view so imagination can meet memory in the dark." - Annie Dillard

 "Gather and hoard your inspirations as you live, then recapture them as needed in the studio." - Nita Engle

"Without the studio, however humble, the room where the imagination can enter cannot exist."
 - Anna Hansen 


"I always prefer to work in the studio. It isolates people from their environment. They become in a sense... symbolic of themselves."
-Richard Avedon

"People who aren't artists seem to not understand exactly what a studio is. It's not a store. It's not a factory. It's not a theme park. It's my personal space and their company is not so invasive."
-Eleanor Blair

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