Thursday, February 28, 2013

Amy Cutler

Amy Cutler's work is inspired by mass media, U.S. military survival manuals, nature books, fairy tales, Japanese woodblock prints, Persian miniatures and her own personal experiences. She creates exquisitely detailed enigmatic paintings that obsessively illustrate scenes of women, animals, and hybrid beings engaged in dream like activities. Her work is created through drawing, gouache on paper, and paint on wood panels.
Cutler Vividly describes her work in terms of symbolic or metaphoric substitution:
" Usually when there are birds in my paintings, they represent thoughts. Right now I am using the snowman as a projected image of a significant other that disappears. Sometimes I replace a body part with an inanimate object. In these instances, the figure then embodies the function of the object. For example, in some of my paintings women have teapot heads. For me, this refers to the subservient role they play at certain points in time." -Tancons, Interview with Amy Cutler.

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