Monday, March 11, 2013

The Gathering Project

My final image for the gathering project. The whole year was required to take part. Each piece will be hung in a large scale in Shannon Airport.
The photo was taken with my Diana camera, using expired film. I did the text and added the background in photoshop.

This piece could question the position of the traveler community in Ireland but it could also be a self portrait. That would be up to the viewer and in what context it is displayed.

The Gathering is an event created by the Irish economy to bring back Irish nationals or people of Irish heritage to Ireland so they will spend lots of money and boost our economy. I doubt it will be much of a success but at least there will be some interesting events going on around the country.
For more information the web-site is here
Im not sure when the exhibition will be hung, but hopefully I will have pictures of that when it opens.

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