Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Damien O'Connell

Damine O'Connell is from Kerry, Ireland. He lives and works in London. He is a graduate from the Limrick School of Art and Design.

'Damien O'Connell lexplore's the concept of the island as a closed space. Much like a waiting room or prison cell, the island is concieved as a dual space of infinite limitation and potential. The island is a place we long to escape or seek refuge.
 He presents the viewer with a tableau of curious situations: a series of miniature constructs with intertwining elements of absurd narrative. O’Connell’s island is inhabited by philosophical loners and exiles. Ludic disruptions become an accepted totality within the work but provide a bewildering conundrum to the viewer.' -Occupy Space

Waiting Rooms

Moving Still

Islands of Loss

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