Monday, June 10, 2013

Odyssey - 4th year degree show 2013

Last week I visited the 4th year degree show. It was opened by Karl Wallace, the 2014 artistic director for the Limerick city of culture.
I did not attend the opening but went later that week to have a peek in my own time. Over all I think the show was successful, and very professional. Ceramics stole the show, followed by print and fashion. But fashion always comes out on top as that department is what the college is best known for.
I do feel the students should have been allowed to take better advantage of the college space. Last year print was able to occupy most of the rooms on the second floor. This year they were stuffed into three rooms, and the hall with the exception of one video piece which was on its own in the octangle room, which was brilliant and being on its own made it easier to watch and appreciate. The video pieces were crammed on top of each other causing works to clash and creating a bit of an information overload. Hopefully next year for our show we will not have this problem. It is a shame as the work was excellent. But at least for print that was the only issue. Same went for ceramics, all the work was stuffed into the exhibition space in the church gallery, which was already made small as part of it had to be cut off for health and safety reasons as the roof is contemplating collapsing because of the pigeons using the attic space for their personal lou. 
The work in the ceramic show was of a very high standard, I wouldn't have minded purchasing a few pieces for myself if I had the money. Again space was the only issue for this part of the show.
Fashion was wonderful but again stuffed into the tutors area in the cafeteria.
Painting was better than last year, unfortunately i don't feel the painting department is up to par. Students seem to leave on the same or similar skill level that they came in at. The joys of relying on students to teach them selves, and not having proper classes. This is my own opinion, I just feel it makes it harder for the students.
Visual communications was very neat and professional and sculpture..well it wouldn't have been my cup of tea. I liked the tree that someone had managed to bury in the concrete floor, I dread to think what the reaction of the technicians was when they saw that! Also there was a very good stop motion video which had strong roots in the work of Alice Maher.
I know I have been very cynical but like I pointed out the only thing that really put me off was the poor use of space which I felt left the artists at a disadvantage, anything else was down to my own personal taste. Luckily for me I can look at works from both sides of the fence. Its important to appreciate a piece of work and what went into it, whether you like it or not. 
The exhibition is worth seeing, there is something there that will appeal to everyone, plus it is so important to support young artists heading out into this world. 
I have posted some photos and statements of work that stuck out for me. 


Rachel Burns:

Joanna Thompson:

Amy Forde:

Caimin Walsh: 

Isabella Walsh: 

Bellas photos were some of my favorite works in the show. She created them by making her own pinhole camera out of a coke can. I found them to be a real inspiration. There were so many I wish I wish I took more photos of them. They were presented beautifully in a very large handmade book. Some of the prints were also framed on the wall. 
Im afraid I do not know who created the two works above.

(Apologies, Did not take note of the artists names)


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