Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Natural Fashion

I love these photos of natural fashion from tribal Africa. They are very inspiring. They have been taken by the photographer Hans Silvester.

'Hans Silvester began to take photos at the young age of 12. After graduating from school in his native Germany, he made a series of voyages throughout Europe, Asia, Japan, and America. In 1960 he had published his first book on the sun-drenched Provence region of France, which achieved enormous success. He spent five years photographing the horses of Camargue. Silvester inspired a fashion show with his photos of East Africa's Omo Valley tribe. He may be best known for his colourful photos of cats on the Greek isles. Every trip seemed to end with the creation of a new book. Since the 1980's, Silvester's work became increasingly protective of the environment. Today, he continues to live in Provence and has published numerous photo books, especially on his favourite subject, cats and their habitats.'

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