Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Last week my tutor helped me glaze the cones. We used a leadless Transparent glaze. The end result is rather creamy instead of white as the natural colouring from the glaze comes through. I think this will work well with what I want my end result to be. I really enjoyed this process. I am not sure why but on returning to them this week they have gone and crackled. At this stage of the game it is to late to redo anything but after talking with a few people who know about these things it may work out for the better, and the crackling wont effect what I want to do. Hopefully it will only improve it.
The unglazed cones ready to go


Pouring and mixing the glaze

The cones were dipped into the glaze then the bottoms were wiped to give a nice even finish and to prevent the glaze from sticking to the kiln.

I just liked the image of the rings left from the glaze.

The kiln being packed

The final result, you can see the crackling on the surface.

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