Sunday, September 7, 2014

Little House on the Wallpaper

I have always admired fellow student in sculpture and their skill at breaking down ideas and creating work in its minimalist form, as well as other artists that can make something beautiful out of so little. It is definitely a skill and one I envy. If I could I would do a degree in sculpture.
Below are some images from my sketchbook. I collected wallpaper and such from old house. I just want to go into abandoned house and without being picky take bits of lino, wallpaper or even old newspaper and place them on blank canvases or paper. I know if someone else did this it would be so beautiful and amazing but when I think about it or set out to do it, it seems silly. I will have to get over that one I think. I did do a little drawing of a house over one bit of paper and really liked the results. I love working with the idea of the home and house.

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