Monday, September 15, 2014

The 2014 annual Championship Dog Show

I went to the 2014 annual Championship Dog Show at the Fitzgeralds Woodlands House hotel a little while ago.
I didn't really make a plan when I went and wish I did as I took my beloved old olympus as it had a film in it, I should have taken a different camera as the photos would have been better. Unfortunately I think I will have to retire the Olympus, I do not think I can get her fixed as camera shops tend to cater for nikons and no matter what you do the photos come out poor, occasionally I am lucky. She has served me well.

The Dog show was great fun. The Champion Show is one of the largest dog show events in Ireland, people there were from all over, but mostly they seemed to be from England. There was a wide variety of dog breeds there and everyone I met was very nice and generous in giving their time so I could take their photo. It was quit funny as everyone wants to show off their pooch and as soon as people saw me or should I say, saw the camera, they would perk up and start parading their dogs. It was really lovely, I enjoyed seeing the characters there. I wanted to capture the bond between human and dog rather than looking for the best of show shot, I was looking for the characters. Some people stood their dogs up for show others were more relaxed.
Doing this makes me want to go around to fairs and shows to take photos now, I will have to get going next summer.
I had to send the film away to be scanned and developed, the first time I haven't been able to do it myself. I wouldn't mind rescanning them in the future as I think they might come up better with a higher resolution, but I am only guessing as I know little about this! Below are some of the photos that weren't to terrible.


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  1. Simply wonderful Emily, I love it; especially the more casual ones that have the people less worried about posing their dogs! The dogs are far more natural and less pretentious. Is the last picture a Leonberger? (spelling!)