Monday, March 7, 2016

Feminine Nature- Sacred Objects

'Untitled,' Wood, gold leaf, and gold tin foil

'Untitled,' Wood, faux pearls

'Untitled,' Wood, gold leaf

'Untitled,' Burnt Wood, Gold leaf

My little studio room is filled with bits of wood, logs, branches that I have rescued from the wood pile or have picked up from the garden. It is usually the shapes, deformities and colours that catch my eye.
These are funny little pieces, difficult to write about although it is all in my head, its just trying to get it down in a way that makes sense, probably best to write it in bullet points.
female body+nature=life

  • The above pieces incorporates nature with the female body. 
  • Alternative primitive statues of venus; the fat little fertility statues.
  • Metamorphosis and the human body
  • A continuation of the Daphne piece I did, view notes and post here
  • After reading an interview with Tracey Emin, I like what she said about nature and the human body when she was describing her figure studies;                                                                          That they are not sexual but are coming from nature, if you want to be in nature and thats what you desire, you have to understand that you are nature. She describes the human body as an animal, flesh and blood, that it is nature, organic. It isn't man made it is natural. 

The above pieces have had as little meddling as possible, besides the gold leaf they are as near to as I found them with a few alternatives. The small hanging piece with pearls; I have emphasised its lines and ridges by carving them out with a lino cutter.

  • The metamorphosis of sexuality: sublimation.                                                                           The Gods that mortal beauty chase,                                                                                             Still in a tree did end their race.
  • The symbolic equation, Girl = Tree
  • She is the mother; the Great Mother; the naked goddess rising between two branches
  • Metamorphosis into a tree. The sublimation is at the same time a fall, into a lower order of creation; an incarnation. The way up is the way down. The sublime Apollo is desublimated, descends; in love with human nature he takes on human, all-too-human form-the hound of heaven, ut canis in vacuo leporem cum Gallicus arrive-to be united with the virgin. And what she finally gives him is wood, the maternal material. The Virgin is his mother; Osiris, Adonis, born of a tree. In her womb he puts on wood; in her womb he is surrounded with wood, crowned with the laurel, embraced by the Virgin.' (Ovid Metamorphoses I, l. 533. Ovid Moralise I, ll. 3245-3250)
  • -Metamorphosis into a tree. A fall, into the state of nature. The spirit, the human essence, hides, buried in the natural object; "projected."(Schiller, "Die Gotter Griechenlands.")
Many of these notes, although relevant have been repeated from the Daphne post.

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