Friday, March 25, 2016

L'amour et le Sexe

I am constantly going through the newspapers, looking for interesting tid-bits. Headlines and block quotes, especially unusual, amusing and odd ones pop out all the time and I have a small pile of them awaiting to be used in a piece of work. Above is a quote I got from a magazine, it has been digitally combined and altered with an image from a book page I bought for the image on the reverse side.
I really must get back into screen printing, this would make a great screen print, feel very guilty for having a screen I have never used. Will have to take a refresher course tho as I am so out of touch.

It worries me, the inconsistencies in my work, especially when looking at other artists such as Louise Bourgeois, and Tracey Emin. Their work bears a unique fingerprint that is recognisable throughout their careers no matter what medium they work with. I feel my own work lacks consistency that much of it could be done by different people. Maybe I am wrong but I fear that this will go against me in the future, and I will be over looked in the art world. Perhaps I get bored to easily or I have not found a style that I can stick to and repeat  which so many artists of my generation seem to do. 
The themes in my work, love, home, nature, etc, are consistent just not the style.
I hope I am wrong and these things that worry me, are actually a positive that make my work that bit unique and interesting; I just want to do and make everything in every way I can.

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