Monday, March 14, 2016

Ode to a Cat

Last week I had to say good bye to my beloved cat Bw after her long battle with respiratory illnesses.
Bw was my first friend and companion after moving back to Ireland. We took her in after she got sick and needed tlc, a former yard cat, our fates were sealed when after bringing her home I placed her on my bed and she immediately weed on it, a result of a long journey from the vets and nervousness. Hence the name B.W, Bed Wetter, or as my father nicknamed her, Bloody Wicked. 
Wicked she was not, one of the most loving creatures I have come across. When I spent a year shut away painting and preparing for my first solo exhibit she kept me company, always watching me, looking for attention and tearing up papers.
She was always around, would go for walks, keep me company in the studio, and would greet me when I came home. 
She would not and could not be ignored.
In this post I have attached many images of photos, prints, sketches, sewing, and even a polaroid, in no particular order, featuring BW; she has cropped up many times over the years in my work and notebooks.
In my art I work with what I love, it comes from me, I loved BW and she appears directly and indirectly in various projects.
I find lately that art has become very disconnected, it is so minimal and cold. Sometimes I feel artists have lost  touch with their selves, they are so concerned with the big idea, the political, making a point, loosing heart and the everyday audience.
Maybe we all need to go back to basics, every once and awhile and touch base with what is around us, what we love, and what made us, then maybe the aloof abstract ideas will be stronger and our hearts a little lighter.

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