Monday, March 6, 2023

Making the best of a bad thing

Twice now I've made these funny little sculptures. About 5 or 6 in each pit firing and both times they have broken in the firing process. I even got stronger clay but to no avail. The second firing was worse and these 2 were the only ones that sort of survived. I hate waste. So polished them up and took their photos. The ones from the first firing are still on my desk. My original plan for them fell through not helped by the breakage. The frustration is immense. But what can I do? The process is fickle and I don't have the luxury of a bisque fire in a posh kiln first, not that I think I would want to anyway.I think I'm done with these figures for now. 

Some drawings

Pencil drawings on brown paper. Drawn with the freedom of not to much thinking.

Untitled, 2023

Untitled dry point with gold leaf. Edition of 8. The gold leaf came about because I made a big smudge above one of the prints. So essentially a fancy cover up that worked out for the better.  Its about an a5 size print on a4 size paper.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023


I've been doing a little experimenting with dry point and drawing over the top of the prints. The idea seemed better in my head. I'll tip away at them slowly.
Next week I have my surgery, a mastectomy. It's going to be a big upheaval. I'm not worried about the surgery but more the after. I hope it doesn't knock me sideways and I'll be back on my feet quickly.  
It's going to be strange but if I can get through loosing my hair, having it all fall out in clumps I, sure I can manage this. Lets hope they don't find cancer and the chemo has gotten rid of everything. 

Make faeries popular in art again

Friday, February 24, 2023

New drawing

Just keep drawing, just keep drawing, drawing, drawing and you will get through.