Saturday, June 18, 2011

Berlin Sketchbook

This is the book I made for my Berlin Trip. The only thing that is missing is the photo album, as I have still yet to get them printed. I needed to make the book, just to store all the information I collected while I was there, postcards and what not. I just put in a few of the sketchbook pages that I liked, most of them that aren't there were just of various exhibitions I saw.

Berlin Book

When you first open it, sketchbook is on the left

What it looks like when you open it out

From right to left. 1. The map we used to travel around Berlin.

2. First pocket, used to hold random postcards that I liked

3.Second Pocket, used for U-bahn tickets, museum tickets, restaurant business cards, food items and so forth.

4. Pocket used to hold all the museum brochures

5. This pocket holds all the information booklets on exhibitions, and various other information.

6. Used to hold all the postcards I got of artwork that I like and saw in the various museums. (I went a bit post card crazy while I was there!)

First page of the sketchbook

Information on Berlin and our schedule for the week.

Sketches from the plane ride over

Sketches from the Soma exhibition

On the left is a drawing of the tea in the hostel, and various other quick sketches, and stickers from the comic book store.

The Berliner Dome and a statue near the dome that I liked

Sketches of various knifes on exhibit

A drawing of one of the statues on the Neptune Fountain

A drawing of a broach I saw in one of the museums. Its Medusa I believe.

The Radio Tower. This was pretty cool, I didn't go into it, but you could always see it. It was like our North Star

These next three images are of sketches I did when we went to the B Flat Jazz club. It was alot of fun doing these, I drew to the music. I was very lucky because my tutor managed to get a table in the front, so we were able to sit up with him, then he was kind enough to give me his seat so I had a better view to draw. It was s o kind of him!

The xylophone player

Outside B2

U- Bahn
The Large U-bahn station, it was really impressive, lit up at night.

Tutors and fellow students on the U-Bahn

Rosa Luxembourg Platz, station entrance outside hostel, and station platform