Tuesday, January 10, 2012


These two dry-points are not really part of my project. To be honest I got bored and went on to these. I hadn't done a dry-point yet so I seized the opportunity and came up with these. Hopefully I can expand this idea a bit in the up coming semester. They were inspired by drawings (below) done by Jenny Saville.
Dry-point with watercolour and colouring pencil

Dry-point with watercolour and colouring pencil



'Time' by Jenny Saville


When you don't feel like doing much, and your brain is fried from thinking, and stress, this is what you end up with..........Days of messing = Mono-Prints.

I like them because it reminds me of painting. Unfortunately the quality of these pictures aren't very good because of the glare.

Wood Block

Print from Wood cut

The block before I started to cut into it.
This is my wood cut. The quote in the corner says, 'Adam was Just the Dress-Rehersal.'  The prints varey alot, mostly becuase I used white acrylic on the board so I could see what I was doing. This picked up alot of texture when inked up. I'm not a big an of wood cut.

I am Woman-Stitched

I altered this screen-print by sewing the face, and adding depth to to word man, and the cord.