Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Old Photos

Some old photos of my mums. I really like the above two images, they look like the sea and the bottom one looks as if the person is standing in front of a huge wave, but on closer inspection you realize that it is a hill covered in snow.
The photo of the rabbit is al ot like the pictures I take with my Diana camera.
I lovely the dreamy, other worldly quality of these images.

Yellow Dress

'Wearing a Yellow dress, I slept in a Gravel Nest.'
A recently sewed piece on an old place mat. I hope to make it into a round pillow.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tiny Furniture

'Sometimes I feel like I am
 trying to sit on tiny furniture
 at the bottom of a swimming pool.'
Two individually hand sewn pieces, in very small found frames.

Be-lated birthday Card

This is a screen print giving to me by my friend and fellow classmate Jodie. Her work is about the female body, and the negative image the world has on it, such as anorexia, est..
The scanner dident really do a good job with the image, but I like it, it will be going up on my wall.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Deborah Mcdonagh

There is a really neat exhibition by  MA Student, Deborah Mcdonagh showing in Raggle Taggle this month.
 I had a look at her web-site and she has produced some lovely images. Her artists statement for the show is below.

'Almost Nothing is a solo exhibition as part of Deborah Mcdonaghs’s M.A. Degree in Contemporary Visual Arts and Media by Research at Limerick School of Art & Design.
Almost Nothing brings together ideas inspired by the work of French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty using photography and film. The art works communicate a contemporary perspective on depression and mental illness. This exhibition incorporates the still and moving image, which captures different psychological states through visual art focusing on the loss of identity in men.'

Adare exhibition, After..



The Poetry In-between series hung and ready to go with a box of 24 unframed originals, mounted and wrapped.

All framed, hung and ready to go.

Business cards

Agnus from the Driocht gallery in Adare very kindly opened it for us.

My favorite piece in the show, priced at 50 euro, by Kieth Hurley, who is in 3rd year visual communications (graphics).
This piece was done using photoshop and illustrator on the computer. If I had made a bit of money at the show I would have definitely bought it. Maybe I can do a deal with him....

There was alot more than this....

Unfortunately the show was not as successful as last year. I believe there were only four pieces sold by two artists.
So unfortunately not a lot of money was raised.
There was a decent turn out, but not as many as expected. Very few people were really looking at the art mostly they were there for the chat and the drink.
So what are you going to do, it was disappointing for everyone, alot of work and effort was put into this how, but It is an experience that we will take with us.
The group shot

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Exhibition Tonight

'Why Don't Boy's Flirt with Us?'

'Sing me the Blues'
 So it's the Annual Young Artist's exhibition in Adare tonight. Cant say I am not nervous. Everyone's work is very different, the show is hardly lacking variety, and individuality. The show will be opening as soon as the Christmas tree lights have been turned on, a lot of people are expected to be there. It is a great opportunity to get your work out into the world. I am still doing some last minute bits, cutting business cards and such. Thankfully I got everything hung yesterday. I happy with the layout, everything seems to flow nicely.
The above to drawings will be for sale at the exhibition. hey are pen drawings, the word bubbles have been done using tapestry. The are small about 5x7 priced at 55 euro each. I will also have five framed pieces of the In-between poetry pieces I have been working on, a well as 24 unframed ones. I mounted them all myself with black mount board. That is a task I will not be doing again in a hurry! There is an example of one of the pieces below. I'm not going to post them all here but if you go to the blog I set up specially for them you can read them all for yourself.
I hope you can make it, there will be Plenty of wine to go around, we have basically supplied our own winery, so make sure you bring a designated driver!
Wish me luck! And the best of luck to all the other artists in the exhibition. I will post more photos from the event next week.

'Poetry In-Between' Series

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Young Artists Exhibition Adare

This Saturday I will be showing in a group exhibition in Adare, Co Limerick, with seven other fellow students from college. All work will be sold and 25% of everything sold will go to the Adare Alzheimer's Association.
The exhibition will open at 8:00 Pm, all are welcome, we would love to see you there.
I will be showing some combined media drawings and some of the In between poetry, framed and unframed, which you can see samples of on the tumblr blog.
I wont put up any of my work until after or closer to the exhibition as I would like it to be a surprise, plus I will probably change pieces around..