Thursday, February 15, 2018

'Untitled,' Sacré Féminin Series

'Untitled,' (Sacré Féminin)
Wood, Pit-fired clay, gold leaf, glass, and wire.
The wood has been finished with bees wax

 I am not to sure about this piece. I have been working away on it slowly for a while now. The wood has been sitting in the studio for a number of weeks after I rescued it from the wood shed. I just followed my instinct with this and did what felt right. Really what I do when I make most of these funny little pieces, working with the wood, and whatever is in reach in the studio, a natural meditative process without thought or need of a deep meaning or explanation as to why I am making it.
 Hopefully one day these funny little objects will be appreciated by the world while I am still around to see it.