Monday, January 3, 2011

Bleeding Heart

“`Then you should say what you mean,' the March Hare went on. `I do,' Alice hastily replied; `at least - at least I mean what I say - that's the same thing, you know.'”

-Lewis Carol

Another ceramic figure that I did earlier. I want to apologize for posts being so late, My computer and Internet connection can be a bit dodgy, so I have work around my computers inconvenient mood swings!
The body of the figure on the left is made out of a solid piece of clay, they head is made out of a pinch pot, the ears were made separately out of small thin slabs.
I left holes in the face so I could glue in bits of wire for the whiskers. She is painted in acrylic, since again, I was to late to put it in a glaze fire. Before the first initial firing, I place a pink marble were her heart should be and two glass beads in her eyes, they melt during the first firing. I was please with the effect I got, The heart marble bleed nicely, I was only slightly disappointed that the eyes didn't bleed as I was hoping it would look like tears. Looking back I should of used a red marble as the colour of the pink one has faded. The figure was modeled after the wash-off I did earlier(pictured below) and inspired by Lucian Freud's paintings of large women. (below)

Lucian Freud's Painting

Earlier work.

Figure Before First Fire
You can see the marble and the glass beads in the eyes.

Finished Piece

Close-up of head

Back View

"Mad as a March Hare." - Old Proverb

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