Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Artistic

The Good..

For the past two weeks I have been in the painting discipline at college. Which has been great, I really enjoyed it and I'm doing what I love.
 But for the past two weeks I have been painting what other people want me to paint and in the way they want me to paint. Which is fine it was all a learning process.
But I find it hard being so constricted, I find it rather frustrating, that I cant express whats in my head, and how I feel in my work, so doing work like the ones you see here really helps me.

I find when I do personal work in the evening it helps me alot both mentally and physically, I think alot of my fellow students feel that way as well, its all for the good of out id!
The portraits here were inspired by Arnulf Rainer's self portrait 'Angst'.
For my portraits I was looking at colour and its attributes.
So in a way it was colour, but just a different take on it.
'Angst' 1969-73
by Arnulf Rainer
Oil on photograph, 120x88cm

The meaning of the colours in the above portraits are;

White- innocence, purity, joy, truth and hope.
Green- Resurrection, nature, peace, courage and honesty. It is also the colour of the 'the little people/faeries'
Black- Resurrection, birth, dignity, and solemnity
Blue- Truth and creative power, lucky and protective
Purple- Power, majestic, fortitude, magic and wisdom
Red- Passion, animation, life, love, and success
Yellow- Wise, artistic,scientific,and intellectual.

Sketchbook pages

The Bad...

Negative traits and colours.

Golden Yellow- Morbidity and distrust
Grey- Uncertain, fearful, self-effacing,conformist
Ultramarine- Moody, morbid, selfish inclinations
Red- Evil
Black-Death and the devil
Olive Green- Evasive, weak, makes excuses.

Sketchbook pages

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