Thursday, March 24, 2011


I've chosen painting for my ranking project. The project is very open, meaning we can do what ever we like. Whats important is the process and the journey we take over the next few weeks, the finished painting is just a bonus.
This week just been focused on research and a side project we have to do on an artist. I have a couple of iseas flying around on my head but mostly this week, as usual, ive being heading in the direction of nature. Mostly focusing on Daffodiles, but rather than looking at them as a whole I've been focusing more on the colours as a whole and the shapes of the plant. I'm hoping to go down the line of Absrtact Expressionism, hopefully my tutors will approve.
I still have to update some things from the last couple of weeks but hopefully I will have some sketchbook work and such on this project up soon.

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