Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sketchbook pages

I first started looking at flower seeds, their texture, shape etc.

Then I was playing around with seedlings. There is a drawing of a sweet-pea on the left page, with some random seedlings, that I am growing at the moment, that have been pressed.
I love how they flow, they are so delicate and dainty like little dancers on the page.
On the right I was looking at one of the seedlings I plucked more closely. Breaking down the shapes, also I was trying to incorporate the human body, which I hope to get to work more on later on.

Started to look at the daffodil bulb and again just looking at the shapes and colours. The page on the right was just a study of a daffodil head I did, then went back and painted the background with gouache, and the flower with acrylic. I like how the background colours are melting into each other.

Again I was just looking at colour. Mostly inspired by Mark Rothko. Also William Wordsworth poem,
 'The Daffodils.'

Again breaking the flower down into colours.

The green grass, the pale yellow petals, the orange trumpet, and the blue sky.

One of Mark Rothko's paintings, 'No. 2 (Blue, red, and green) [yellow, red, blue on blue), 1953,' is on the right page. Theres a bigger version of it below.

'Lonely as a Cloud,' came form the first sentence in William Wordsworth's poem.
You always see daffodils in groups, large families of them, nodding there heads to each other.
When you see one stuck out in a field somewhere on their own, they seem so out of place, like some outcast, or if it became lost, or those who are usually gathered around him have all died off and he is the only one left standing alone.

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