Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My Space for my assessment
So my assessment is over, I think it went well, I am now in printmaking officially so thats a relief. I am much happier with this choice and I am looking forward to creating and learning over the next three years.
We have to keep a sketchbook over the summer, which will be nice. I dont think we have to keep the blog updated, and I'm not sure if we shall be continuing it for the next three years, but even if we are not I would like to keep it going. Might as well since I have spent a year on it so far. Its a good habit to have, especially since the internet is one of the artists greatest rescources. I still have some images to put up from past projects, for example the images that I produced with the pinhole cameras I made back in the two week sculpture course. Also I need to put up my Berlin sketchbook.
All in all tis been a good year, but I am looking forward to the summer. It will be nice to come back next year feeling refreshed and full of new insperation.
So anyway watch this space, for I am sure there wil be more to come!

"Art is a Guarantee of Sanity."
Preciouse Liquids, by Lousie Bourgeois

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