Friday, March 2, 2012

Egg Magic

A drawing from my sketchbook, which I am in the process of turning into an etching, and then hopefully an aquatint. Its one of those random images that comes when you are doing the simplest of tasks, like eating a boiled egg for example.
All my life when ever I eat a boiled egg I always put a hole in the bottom of the empty shell. It was because if you didn't the egg witch would come along and use the shell for her magic spells. This habit was also inspired, and encouraged by a story book I have called 'Lucy and the Egg Witch.'

The Cat- I have recently bee reading a book called, ' His Dark Materials,' The characters in the book have daemons, animals that are with them all the time, the type of animal reflects the person they belong to, but this are not ordinary animals, they are the peoples souls. Their souls/daemons are their lifetime companions, they are never alone. In our world we carry our soul on the inside. I have come to realize that the cat in this picture is essentially the child's soul, her shadow.

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