Friday, March 23, 2012

Print Collaboration

A friend of mine, Dawn West made a mono print from a branch. After admiring it, she was kind enough to give it to me, so we decided to collaborate together making a whole new image. I created a dry point (below), in hopes to compliment the already made print.
I'm not sure if I am happy with it, originally I had it turned the other way (second print down.) But after turning it on the computer (below) I am much happier with it.
The girl is done in a dry point, and is actually a ghost print, meaning its the second time being run through the press after inking. I may colour the girl with water colours but I am not sure, I don't want to ruin it as it is a one off. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Collaborated print upside down

Collaborated Print, Right way

Dry point

Sketchbook, the actual dry point is much smaller than my sketchbook drawing, I had to shrink it down in the photocopier.

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