Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Dog Tree

This is an etching I did. After etching the image onto the plate, I covered the image with bichamen, and left it in the acid allowing the background to drop.
I am not very happy with how it turned out, I originally wanted it to be all white in the background, but was unable to wipe all of the ink off around the edges. So I then gave in and inked up the whole plate, but the background is uneven and messy.
I will probably go back and print it up again, trying to keep the background as white as possible. We shall see. I'm a bit fed up with it at the moment and am ready to move on. Unfortunately the image didn't seem to come up very well on the scanner but If you click on it it should pop up and be a bit more clearer.

Image from my sketchbook

First Etch

Second Etch, inked up the background

close-up detail

Close-up detail

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