Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Recollect Exhibition

Our 3rd year exhibiton went off without a hitch. The opening was a great success with two-hundred some people visiting on the night.
Below are some photos of my work in the exhibition. The pillows I have posted earlier but the photos are new. Two are the interiors of a dollhouse and  the building is on the Croom, Adare road.
Im happy enought with my installation, I think it would have been better if i could have covered the whole of the window and had more cushions. The image in the window is a screen print of my bed on thin paper which has been oiled onto the window creating a translucent effect so it can be seen from the street. The works are about space, memory and dream.
I hope to make more of the cushion and create a larger installation in the future.
Everyone's work was presented beautifully, thanks to our curator Caelan Bristow. You wouldn't know that there were twenty six people showing their work.
I would like to have shown everyone's work on here but there is far to much to put in one post. So below are some selected works and photos of the gallery space. Also there is a video of the opening night, the music is great and I can be seen at the very start in my blue grey dress!

The Moon asked for flowers,  acetate print by Eva Bryne

An installation in the outer window by Mary-Clare O'Brien
Installation and video by Rosie Cleary

Selected works by Hazel Egan and Mags Codd

Photography by Dawn West

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