Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ema Kisiel

I have found an artist and blog who's work and blogs make me swoon! She is successfully working along the same lines that I hope to follow in my studio work this year. Her blog Muybridge's Horse contains an enormous archive of work featuring artists who are interested in the ways in which humans interact with and experience animals and nature. 

Below is Kisiel's artist statement; 

Emma Kisiel’s photographs are an exploration of the ways in which we as humans experience and interact with animals. Kisiel uses photography to document and ponder her emotional and physical closeness to animals, both living and dead. Often, her images bring to light the negative effects of man’s influence on animal and natural life. Kisiel’s work features animals throughout American society—realistically in shelters, zoos, and pet stores and on the streets and the side of the road; glorified as taxidermy in natural history museums and outdoor mega-stores; and in the artist’s studio. While in some ways repulsive and confrontational regarding human mortality and fear of death, Kisiel’s photographs draw attention the inherent beauty of the animals of America’s Wild and the domestic realm.

At Rest:


More Dogs that Bones:

“More Dogs than Bones: Dog Overpopulation on the Navajo Reservation.”
In Progress, three:


Ema Kisiel has also self published some loverly photo essay books. Its impossible to choose just one!


Museum of the Wild

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