Friday, September 13, 2013

Susie Brady

Avery sad and somewhat morbid photography project by Susie Brady, Untitled, or Every Day Has its Dog. This short set of photos tells the story of the death of, (I assume), the family dog. Below are some of the photo's. They resemble snapshots of memories, fleeting moments as time starts to dwindle. Below are the quotes taken from her site featured in-between the photos.

‘She’d eaten the whole thing whilst we were at church, there were bones everywhere when we got back. We ended up all having to go to the local pub for our Easter meal. 
That turkey should’ve fed ten of us!’

‘She can sense when people are upset or ill. She used to put her head on my dad’s lap, she knew when he was feeling down.’

‘We got her when I was 7, I’m 23 now. She’s like another one of my sisters, I don’t see her as a pet’

‘It’ll be odd not having her around anymore. Suppose we can put our plates on the floor now though.’

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