Monday, September 9, 2013

Gina Kelly

A wonderful photo series of owners with their long time animal companions by photographer Gina Kelly.  There are many photos in this series, it was so hard to choose which one to put on this blog. Such love and devotion between person and animal is successfully shown in each portrait.

This series portrays both animal and owner who have spent many, many years together.
In this throw-away society that we currently live in were pets are treated more like a piece of replaceable/disposable furniture, and not a life long friend and responsibility, It is wonderful to see people who have truly committed their lives to taking care of their pet for its entire life and not just giving up or taking its life for granted.

Kindred Spirits; connections between people and their long time animal companion.

Carol and Boo, together 18 years

Carry and Froggie, together 22

Cindy and Baby, together 22 years, and Doug and Tussy Mussy, together 17 years

Kathleen and Henry, together 47 years and Russel and Bella, together 14 years

Kelly and Gypsy, together 15 years

Monty and Albert, together 40 years

Sally and Poppy, together 13 years, and Sharon and Libby, together 15 years

Below are two photo's that I really liked from another series of hers simply called, Animals.

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