Monday, March 3, 2014

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor is a photographer who is known for his innovative explorations of alternative photographic processes including historic 19th Century printing techniques, mixed media, and hand made books.
For his series, 'Open Book,' he creates illustrated books springing from a fascination with the book format and a love of texture in art. His imagery is inspired by the surreal and poetic moments of living in our fast-paced, modern world.
These hard cover books are hand bound with marbleized paper and displayed fully opened to a photographically illustrated two-page folio spread. Each book is framed in a wooden shadowbox and presented as a wall piece.


Poems and Images Series

'Photographers believe a picture is worth a thousand words, while poets hope the right word is worth a thousand pictures. Photographers labor over scenes while poets labor over syllables. I’ve poured over my images for years, coaxing each landscape and still life to say more. Poetry can be the looking glass we hold up to magnify the spaces between photographs, helping explain why they happened.
Photography and poetry each have their strengths and limitations, yet both attempt to make order out of the tangled, myriad thoughts and events we encounter each day. Poetry allows me to break free of photography’s reliance upon realism; the luxury of words grants me the freedom to travel anywhere and convey whatever I imagine, without the need to stand before an actual subject.' -Brian Taylor

From, The Art of Getting Lost

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