Monday, March 9, 2015


I have been making small sculptures using the pit-firing technique; a way to fire clay at home without a kiln. This process has been liberating and has opened new doors that allow me to go forward and not be restricted by lack of resources! All I need to do is set up a darkroom in the shed and I will be sorted.
These pieces are for sale at 20 euro each. They are not glazed and porous. This first lot of sculptures have a hole at the bottom and several holes on the top so they can hold dried flowers, feathers, ect. but cannot contain water. They have been polished with wax.
I am going to experiment with the next lot in hopes that they will house terrarium type plants.
Below are photos of the pit-firing stages.

Before the firing

Setting up the pit.

The pit is built up with layers of sawdust, newspaper and such, then a fire is lit on top.

The Fire is left to burn for an hour, the hot ash trickles down to the bottom of the pit, heating the clay as it goes.

The fire is covered with another layer of sawdust, then the pit is then covered with slates, keeping the heat in and creating an appropriate atmosphere.

The next day the pit is uncovered and (very hot) works are removed.

Works after firing

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