Sunday, March 18, 2018

'Untitled,' (Wooden Bird)

'Untitled,' (Wooden Bird), 17x5x2.5 cm
Hand carved wood, burnt with blow torch, wire, glass, and polymer clay
An attempt at hand carving a bit of wood to resemble a bird like shape as best I could. Going back to the primitive, not worrying to much about the exactness or likeness of the piece, but as long as the general idea was there from the first visual then thats all I needed to do. I will try this again if i can find an appropriate piece of beach wood.
Reverting back to the primitive artist in me, art brut or whatever jargon one wishes to use. At does not have to mean perfection.

If you are interested in purchasing, or exhibiting this piece or any on this site please feel free to contact me

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