Friday, May 16, 2014

Glazing the Slabs

I glazed the slabs the other day. First they had to be smoothed down with sand paper.
 I did not want the glaze to show for fear of the slab looking to industrial but I really liked the surface of the unglazed slab. 
I am transferring my photos using decals onto the slab. The safest option for the decal and the most reliable is if it is fired on the glaze. So to get a safe finish (hopefully) and to also have some of the unglazed surface showing I made an informed decision to pour the glaze onto the slabs creating a puddle of glaze. When I place the decal on the slab I will cut the decal around the glaze, cutting out some of the picture. It sounds confusing but I think the effect will be interesting and a bit different.

Smoothing down the slabs.

Pouring the glaze

The glazed slabs ready for the kiln

These three images are failed tests done at various temperatures and surfaces. The image on the bottom left is on a glazed tile and has the most successful surface.

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