Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wood Plinths

I wasn't very happy with just the two bits of wood, so I decided as a precaution to dive through the wood shed and find the steadiest bits of wood to be used as singular plinths for the ceramic cones. Hopefully this will balance the space out a bit better. Some of them had to be cut a bit straighter and the cobwebs needed to be washed off. The most common advice I have been giving is to have to much so you can take away which is better than having not enough.
One of the larger trunks is still growing I hope it keeps it up for the degree show. I am starting to feel a bit sorry and sentimental for it. I keep sprinkling the shoots with water, I just hope it doesn't go into shock when I have to cut into it. If it lasts I  will have to find it a place in the garden.

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