Monday, May 26, 2014

Last Minute Touches

The last bits and bobs leading up to the degree show, all the taking down, cutting and putting up. It offically opens on Saturday the 31st of May. Hope to see you there.

My desk stripped down to the last bits of paper and unused ceramic.

I cant tell you how many desks, easels and partitions we moved to clear my space and I wish I took a photo before hand. Unfortunetly we could do nothing about the floor but alot os filler, sanding and three coats of paint did the trick for the wall.

Using the drimmel to fine down the edges and touch up the decals.

Attaching the wood to hang the ceramics.

Our technician Pam sorting the electrics for me.

Trying to organize the order to hang the ceramics.

So the wood needed to be drilled into even more! Poor Des was covered in sawdust, as was everything else! I needed the plugs to be hidden so they had to placed inside the bottom of the wood.

Getting ready for assesment

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